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If your classes still resemble the traditional method where the teacher has the power and spends almost all the time in front of the class, it's time for a paradigm shift.
This method will serve to empower your students and will allow you to perform formative competency based assessment on a daily basis.
STEMP stands for “Students Empowered” and this method will allow you to give power to the students so that they can LEARN, they can BE and they can DO.
To let students LEARN, we let them LEARN for themselves. So they can BE, we let them BE and so they can DO, we let them DO.
To achieve this, we need to remove the teacher from the front of the class and let the magic happen, leaving students to learn, be and do.
The teacher then becomes a guide, a planner and an evaluator:
Guides the progress of the course in order to achieve the class outcomes.
Plans the entire course, assigning responsibilities to all students from the beginning of the course in a calendar or planner.
Carries out ongoing formative assessment for each student. This type of assessment forms or shapes students. In other words, this type of assessment will help students better themselves in the learning process.
Students take ownership of the course and become protagonists of the learning processes that occur both inside and outside of the classroom.
In teams, students facilitate classes, prepare materials, and monitor learning,
They create and perform scenarios where they represent real life situations applying the knowledge, skills and attitudes covered in class.
They become linking agents, both international and intercultural. They link the class with reality by bringing guests speakers from the community, including international guests as well as guests from regional indigenous communities or other cultures.
If you want to know more about how to implement the STEMP method in your classes, please visit our website usmexfusion.org and you will have open access to STEMP training videos. Thank you for watching.