Highline College


Email of Primary Contact: khasselblad@highline.edu
(Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.): Executive Director of International Programs & Grants
Full Name of Primary Contact: Kathleen S Hasselblad
Phone of Primary Contact (include area code and ext.): 206-592-3019
Position of Primary Contact: Executive Director
Institution/Organization/Company Website: Highline College
Internationalization Office URL: International Student Programs
Public, Private or NGO?: Public
Degrees offered: 2 year degrees, 4-5 year degrees
Address: 2400 S 240th St., PO Box 98000
City: Des Moines
State/Province: Washington
Zip/Postal Code: 98198-9800
Country: USA
Year Institution/Organization/Company was founded: 1961
Total Number Institution/Organization/Company Employees: 1060
Total Student Enrollment (if applicable): 16,493 unduplicated
President/Chancellor/Director/CEO Full Name: Jack Bermingham
(Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.): President
Email of President/Chancellor/Director/CEO: jbermingham@highine.edu
Phone of President/Chancellor/Director/CEO (include area code and ext.): 206-592-3200


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English Tel. US +1 281 771 9254

Español Tel. US +1 281 771 9254

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