Partner Organizations

The Mexican Association for International Education AC (AMPEI) is a nonprofit that promotes the strengthening of academic quality of higher education institutions in Mexico through internationalization and international cooperation. It has 6 chapters throughout the country.

The Florida Consortium for International Education exists to promote international and intercultural education in Florida’s institutions of higher education.

CCID is a global network of community, technical, and vocational institutions dedicated to creating globally engaged learning environments. Members engage within the network to improve practices, participate in learning communities, and collaborate to advance global opportunities at the college level.

Partners of the Americas (Partners) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, non-partisan organization inspired by President Kennedy and founded in 1964 in the spirit of the Alliance for Progress. Our mission is to connect people across borders to serve and change lives through lasting partnerships.

UDUAL promotes collaboration among universities in Latin America and cultural organizations such as UNESCO, the cultural American Council of the OAS, etc. UDUAL is in charge of exchange programs for faculty, students, and researchers, as well as in charge of of publications, research and teaching resources. 


The Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration - AUALCPI, promotes cooperation among higher education institutions of the region, with a focus on integration of Latin American and Caribbean communities through collaborative activities and continuous dialogue on integration for education.








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