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It is paradoxical that the increasing interconnectedness and interdependence among peoples and nations seems to be generating more tension than harmony. Perceived harmful effects of globalization at the local levels exasperate this tension.

With this in mind:

To what extent do higher education institutions (HEIs) promote global understanding and collaboration?

To what extent do HEIs reflect, in their purpose and functions, the international, intercultural, or global dimensions of the communities they serve?

To what extent do HEIs develop, in both personnel and students, the global competencies needed to function, coexist and succeed in the 21st century at both personal and professional levels?

USMEXFUSION, A.C. supports and advances the internationalization of higher education as a means to tackling these challenges. Our efforts improve institutional quality and pertinence, support the formation of global graduates, and develop prosperous and peaceful communities.


Carlos Silverio Huerta Jiménez, PhD

Executive Director







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