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Internationalising Learning Outcomes

Jos Beelen

International education is increasingly focusing on outcomes for students rather than on activities. Capturing internationalisation in learning outcomes is what determines the quality of internationalisation. Learning outcomes for internationalisation are often ‘added on’ to existing learning outcomes, but there is agreement that they should be integrated in existing learning outcomes of programmes of study.
This course supports faculty in internationalising learning outcomes for their own discipline and programme. Faculty will not only reflect on meaningful internationalisation in their discipline but will mainly work with hands on tools to internationalise existing learning outcomes.


Internationalisation at Home: A Systemic Approach

Jos Beelen

The concept of Internationalisation at home aims to bring internationalisation to all students, not only to the mobile minority. This means that potentially, all faculty are involved in the internationalisation of teaching and learning. Faculty are the new ‘owners’ of internationalisation.
This requires a new role of the traditional stakeholders in internationalisation, such as international officers and policy advisors for internationalisation. They will increasingly work with deans, managers, educational specialists and professional developers. This course focuses on how international officers and policy advisors can be effective in integrating internationalisation in the systems of the university.


Characteristics of a course

Duration of a course: 6 days (Monday through Saturday)
Capacity of a course: Up to 20 participants from ONE institution. Course dedicated to ONE institution only. All key stakeholders = more support & outcomes 
Modality: Online through the USMEXFUSION Academy educational platform

Asynchronous courses. Participants do NOT have to be online at specific times. They carry out the activities in times that their agendas allow. Participants:

  • Interact with the expert and with other participants through discussion forums every day
  • Watch a video presentation provided by the expert (video pre-recorded and made exclusively for each course)
  • Read and discuss electronic materials shared by the expert

Course cost (This set amount includes up to 20 participants from the institution that pays for the course. Course dedicated to ONE institution only.):

High Income Countries: $ 2,700 USD
Middle & Low Income Countries: $ 2,200 USD
In Mexico: 35,000 MXN + IVA

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To reserve a course the institution must have paid 50% or the total cost of the course with a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the course start date. Reserve a course by contacting Carlos Huerta at

Member Institutions of our partner organizations receive a 10% discount.




Dr. Jos Beelen is senior policy advisor for internationalisation at the Amsterdam School of International Business and senior researcher at the research group ‘International cooperation’ at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He is also Honorary Research Fellow at Coventry University.

He was the editor of EAIE’s ‘toolkit’ Implementing Internationalisation at Home (2007) and has since written a range of articles on this topic, often co-authored with researchers from Europe and Australia. Jos is a senior trainer for the European Association for International Education (EAIE).
His research focuses on internationalisation of learning outcomes in academic programmes, particularly on developing the skills of academic staff that enable them to assume ownership of curriculum internationalisation.



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